Hi! I'm Sheridan

mum of two kids, a lover of wine and wellbeing, happily single, city-dweller and passionate writer.


I'm obsessed with biz, food, travel, sunshine and living my best life.

I LOVE an ocean dip, a glass of wine and promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

it's fab to meet you xx


Waking up excited about life is the best feeling in the world

Banana & Lemon Smoothie

No one can change your life but you.

I created Sugar Free Mum seven years ago when Facebook was new, Twitter was King and Instagram didn't exist.


I've now grown my following to over100,000 people across social media. I see this as a clear signal that people want something different. They want to feel better, they want to learn new ways to live, and I LOVE creating new ideas for you.


Every day we send our "Girl-zette" e-news flash to more than 10,000 email subscribers. It's a 5-minute splash of everything you need to know to empower your day and make you smile 👑

Many of you know my story after it was splashed all over Netflix and TV globally LOL (if you don't, click About Me for more), so I've been there. I've hit rock bottom. I've had toxic relationships, been overweight, felt terribly unhappy with myself and life.

Many people are waiting for the magic wand to improve themselves and their lives but you know what?


It's NOT COMING! That wand does not exist!


If you're waiting for a guy to complete you, a Lotto win or a magical pill to strip the fat from your body,

you'll be waiting a LONG TIME. 

Only you can upgrade your life, success, health and wellbeing.

And I'm so happy and grateful, you're here.

“I've been following Sheridan for many years. As a sugar addict, I become addicted to her easy and yummy recipes, and quit sugar for good. I lost 11kg and have maintained it. She also inspired me to start my own business. Her no sh*t approach is great and exactly what I needed”.


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