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I'm creative and passionate about living life to the full with a kick-arse attitude.

You may know me from the Netflix and Channel Seven series, The Single Wives. But did you know I'm obsessed with wellbeing? I also studied with the Integrative Institute of Nutrition in New York to fuel my obsession with nutrition and a holistic lifestyle.

This started the movement that became Sugar Free Mum. After cutting our sugar in my diet, I wrote about the recipes and hacks I was creating on my little Facebook page and whooossshhh! It took off like wildfire.

I posted about feeling vibrant and full of energy through eating delicious, yummy and easy recipes and choices, and discovered a renewed passion for life through the growing community of SFM.

The following on social media grew (and grew), and I started writing for others and created a digital marketing biz. This has now spawned our newest baby, The GirlBoss Collective (if you're a girlboss in business - it does not matter what stage you're at! - join our Facebook Group here).

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Sheridan xx