Back to school hacks (for bigger kids too!)

Back to school hacks (for bigger kids too!)

My kids are getting older now. Isaac is near the end of primary school and Chloe is well into high school, so they're old enough to do a lot of things for themselves which is a relief, as they become more independent and confident.

However, I still rely on a few hacks to keep my sanity.

With school back for another term this week, I'll get back into my psychotic-organised-mum-mode and get everything ready for going back. T

Hopefully, a few of these hacks help make your mum life a little easier.

Isaac is famous for losing anything not nailed to his body, so every term we go through school hats, jumpers and jackets like no other family I know. The uniform shop LOVE us as they're bound to see me at least five times each term to replace items. I've not upgraded my labelling to the good old Artline pen. Gone of the cutesy iron on labels I used to buy, and I've gone old school with a lovely black felt tip pen that Isaac can easily see his name in the lost property bin.

Officeworks shopping list
I'm busy, and don't really want to spend my spare time traipsing around the shops if I can avoid it. Cue Officeworks shopping list where you can choose what you want online, pay for it and just swing past and pick it all up. No fuss, no wasted time, no impulse buys (for me).

Turn your mirror into a whiteboard
I have a LOT going on, so remembering things can be hit and miss. I recently started writing on my bathroom mirror with a whiteboard marker and it works a treat. Just grab whiteboard marker and write out everything you need to remember the next day. The kids can also do it in their bathroom or bedroom mirror, and do their own list of what the need to bring to school.

I also usually add a motivational quote or mantra just for some more inspo too <3

Buy a slow cooker
I seriously would marry my slow cooker if it was legal. I bought it about 5 years ago and that baby is fired up as soon as the weather drops below 25C. As a single mum, we get two night dinners out of one slow cooker batch, and the kids LOVE it. Add some pasta or rice, and you've got a meal done and dusted that takes around 5 minutes of actual prep time.

Freshen smelly sneakers
Let's face it - kids can be smelly. Pre-teen and teenage boys are some of the worst. An easy way to ensure sneakers stays fresh is to grab some dry tea bags and pop them inside the shoes. It's a natural air freshener and works a treat (and yes you can re-use them for more smelly shoes).

If your kids have phones
Download the app Our Pact. This app saves me almost nightly. My daughter loves to try and hide her phone under the covers at night, but this app temporarily deletes all the apps and locks her out of everything, until it is manually unblocked or you set the timer. No more sneaking phones into their rooms or spending all night on it. You can control it from afar and keep your sanity.

The kids won't ever oversleep again
Waking up in the morning is hard and the first few weeks back to school is even tougher. To help, place your child's phone in a glass cup to project the volume. When their alarm goes off, the glass creates a much louder sounding alarm than the phone on it's own!

Got some hacks of your own? Let us know in the comments xx