How I plan on surviving Dry July

How I plan on surviving Dry July

I love a wine. And like most Australians, my social life revolves around a bottle of wine or a very long lunch.

I've tossed the idea around in my mind MANY times about participating in Dry July, but for many reasons have never actually done it. This year I've decided to do it as I feel like I need a detox, and this seems like a great program to make a few changes to my drinking.

To motivate me, I've been looking at reasons why Dry July is the right decision for me. Firstly, I think I'll save money (probably quite a lot) by not regularly buying alcohol. My liver will be thriving with joy, and with the charity perspective, I'll be helping people diagnosed with cancer through their own traumatic time.

But the thoughts keep popping into my head - what will I do if I'm not enjoying a drink?

So I've created a list of things I think will get me through the 31 days on a day-to-day basis. They include the gym, yoga, more reading, extra dog walks, more blogging and creating recipes.

Then I have the socialising aspect of my life. I don't recall the last time I actually did anything with my friends that didn't involve a drink, so I've gone a step further and come up with weekend activities to keep the fun alive! If you're doing Dry July, you might also find these handy:

Use your evenings in July to plan your next adventure.

Try something new
Cook something you’ve never tried before, join a meditation class or be super daring and try one of the pumping 80's style aerobics classes that are popular in Sydney.

Treat yourself
Reward yourself with cacoa, raw donuts a bunch of flowers, a massage or a facial. Try a completely new look with your hair, go shopping or re-arrange the furniture in your home.

Stay indoors
July is cold so pop on your PJ's, and spend the night in front of Netflix or Hay You (my fave). Organise a games night, or a movie marathon with friends, or just chill-ax.

And if all else fails and you feel a drink is truly in order - you can ask a friend to sponsor you for a night off, and grab a Dry July Golden Ticket.

Let me know how you're Dry July efforts are going!