I'm your new guinea pig!

I'm your new guinea pig!

I'm often asked to try some weird and wonderful things on this Page and via PM. My life over the past two years has been nuts and as many of you know, I've been through a LOT. With that chapter firmly closed, I've rediscovered my LOVE of all things health, wellness and lifestyle.

I've been reading through the messages from the past 18 months, and the many I received during the 10-day January Challenge, and have decided to do something very unique. Cue...The Body Lab. 💪

I'm literally going to be doing something new every month, to test my body. Think of me as your very own guinea pig! I'll be testing a range of weird and wonderful trends to see if they actually work.

The very first test will be Intermittent Fasting. I cannot tell you how many messages I receive asking me if this works - so we're going to find out.

Since I was in Hawaii 🍹late last year until now, I've loaded on a few kilo's. I had the US trip with mega-sized everything, Christmas and New Years, a new relationship and all the dating-eating that brings (yes, more on that later) so now is a great time for me to test out if Intermittent Fasting does create weight loss.

Altho this is not sponsored, I am using a few tools that might be helpful for you. I've downloaded the Zero app to help me along the way, and I've decided to do the 16:8 fast...which means fasting for 16 hours and an eating window of 8 hours.

The Zero Facebook Page has great tips from Peter Attia, MD - an expert on fasting, plus I'll be doing research on websites and liaising with my own Naturopath, Naomi Judge - Naturopath

I'll post several times a week to keep you updated and do a weigh-in in two weeks.

I'd love to know any questions you might have about Fasting, so I can keep an eye out for symptoms or the way I feel throughout this month-long test and tell you how I'm feeling! Simply comment below 👇