Intermittent Fasting : Week 1 and 2

Intermittent Fasting : Week 1 and 2

Two weeks ago I posted I was beginning a series of experiments and using myself as the guinea pig. In a nutshell, I'd be testing out a range of health and wellbeing trends to see if they actually work!

The last fortnight I've undertaken intermittent fasting.

Let me start by saying I LOVE food. I'd happily spend the making this, and creating that, taste testing and eating out to try new and wonderful things. So the thought of fasting for 16 hours a day was downright frightening.

I'm also a creature of habit and have my daily eating mapped out. Oh and I'm also a gym junkie, you'll find me at the gym most mornings at 5.30am. So going without food for such a long period of time played on my mind. However, some of the world's most famous people (think Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Hugh Jackmon are just a few), are followers of intermittent fasting so I figured if they can do it with their busy lives, I could give it a go.

Day one and the 16 hours felt like 56 hours. I scraped through to midday which is the time I'm allowed to start eating for the day. My "feeding window" is from 12.00pm - 8.00pm, although I started eating earlier as the days went by and some times I'd finish eating by 7.30pm.

I drank black coffee in the morning and then once 12.00pm hit I had a homemade chunky vegetable soup and a can of tuna. Afternoon snack was an apple sprinkled with sea salt (try it, it's AMAZING), and a peppermint tea. Then dinner was my normal protein (usually baked salmon fillet) and veges. I'm not an eater after dinner, but I usually have two (big) glasses of wine at night. As I'm fasting, I added a couple of Medjool dates to the afternoon and sipped on water with some apple cider vinegar added...

I ate this was for 6 days, then on the seventh, I had my Feed Day. Yes, this is a thing.

Basically, you can eat anything within the 8 hours and it's supposed to "kickstart" your metabolism again with the influx of calories. And boy did I eat.

Scrambled parmesan eggs on sourdough for brunch, a couple of wines in the afternoon, then enough Greek food to make me feel uncomfortable and unable to move LOL.

Often people have set calories each day but I've never been a calorie counter, so I've decided to just eat like I normally do as it makes me feel good and gives me enough energy for everything I do each day.

I'm now at the end of week 2 (I committed to 4 weeks), and this is how I'm feeling and what I'm feeling:


  • I've lost 4.4kg. Read that again.
  • My routine for exercise is quite heavy but it always has been - I haven't changed for this experiment. 5 weights sessions per week and daily dog walks that are around 45 minutes each.
  • I've gotten used to not eating until 12.00pm. Sure some days I feel like eating my arm off with hunger, but these have become less and less.
  • When I had my Feed Day, I felt awful and my stomach was painful. With not eating anything heavy and giving my digestive system a much-needed rest, I've uncovered a medical issue - I'm severely sensitive to gluten and wheat.
  • My beautiful partner is doing this with me so it makes it easier (if you try it, it helps to have someone else going through the tough first few days).
  • It has stopped any after-dinner snacking habits that have crept in.
  • My partner and I are searching for bargains on good food such as salmon fillets, and that has been fun (weird I know)!!
  • I'm spending more time on meal prep than ever before. Which is reducing my grocery bill. Winning!
  • My partner said today that my butt is getting smaller. I've tried EVERYTHING to reduce my booty (I have a plentiful derriere!!) and it seems finally, it's shrinking.


  • Some days a gal just wants to eat, and that's a mental challenge you need to overcome.
  • Changing habitual eating is hard.
  • My skin broke out - I've never had a blemish on my face my entire life, so this freaked me out when spots appeared. I upped my oily fish and cut back on refined carbs and it seemed to help.
  • Black coffee was VERY hard for me to get used too. I've had to say goodbye to my almond or coconut milk during the morning fasting phase.
  • I've cried once or twice as I feel awful - I'm not sure though if that was fasting in the morning or overall stress.

I have another two weeks to go and I'm hoping I'm over the worst of the withdrawals and reset. If you've tried intermittent fasting, drop a comment and let me know how you found it! xx