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I'm often asked by the Sugar Free Mum community and peeps who watch my Netflix TV show, The Single Wives, how I actually did it.

I started Sugar Free Mum as a little side project several years ago ...I had zero budget and minimal spare time but I had a passion for food and health, plus a business and marketing background.


Sugar Free Mum's Facebook Page has grown to over 50K followers, and I developed an email list of 10K+.

This was with no ads, boosts or funding at all. 

Since then, it's now birthed paid ambassador deals, speaking gigs and even a prime-time television show which was picked up by Netflix worldwide this year. I recently filmed a documentary for SBS which will be screened during 2021, which is exciting and opens up more opportunities with a non-commercial audience.

My following on social media now is more than 100,000 people and my target demographic is women aged 30 - 48 years, with an interest in health, food, lifestyle, business, family and wellness.

Our daily email, The Girl-zette, is delivered to more than 11K people every single day. It's a 5-minute splash of biz, lifestyle, health, food, tech and much more.


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