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I'm often asked by the Sugar Free Mum community and peeps who watch my Netflix TV show, The Single Wives, how I actually did it.

I started Sugar Free Mum as a little side project several years ago ...I had zero budget and minimal spare time but I had a passion for food and health, plus a business and marketing background. Sugar Free Mum grew pretty fast to over 50K followers, and I developed an email list of 40K+ (without realising it).

This was with no ads, boosts or funding at all. 

Since then, it's now birthed paid ambassador deals, speaking gigs and even a prime-time television show which was picked up by Netflix worldwide this year.

My following on social media now is more than 100,000 people and my target demographic is women aged 30 - 50 years, with an interest in health, food, lifestyle, dating, family and wellness.

My greatest joy though is working in the health and wellness space with small businesses and entrepreneurs to get their businesses up and running, kicking butt along the way. I hold your hand as we look at your goals and plan a strategy to create THE business you've always dreamed of. Sound good?


Let's chat! Send an email with all the details to sheridan@sheridanjames.com

With love,

Sheridan xo

If you're ready to create financial freedom, willing to do the work, you are coachable and ready to roll,


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