Have you always dreamt of running your own wellness business, but have no idea where to start? Let's work together.

You don't need to go to a soul-less office, you can step out onto your terrace with a steaming cup of coffee and in the sunshine, check your emails for money that has come into your account overnight. Being paid for a life that you LOVE, and feeling energetic and healthy at the same time.

Are you ready to try something different? I was. As a single mum who was left with nothing, I had to hustle. I went back to what I knew best - writing - and created a little biz servicing clients with PR and marketing projects.

However living in Sydney, with two kids, is very expensive. And I knew I wanted more.

Several years ago I graduated as a certified Integrative Health Coach with IIN (New York). Obsessed with health and wellbeing, I studied for my own interest never really knowing how I would use my education or knowledge. Sure I applied it in my every day life, but I actually wanted to use it and not just with recipes for Sugar Free Mum.

One day I was complaining to a friend of mine, who is a specialist doctor, that I felt blah. She suggested I try a detox program to nourish my body. Given I'd tried every other diet and detox under the sun, I thought it can't hurt. And she always looks FABULOUS and brimming with energy! 

One week in...I was hooked. I saw the opportunity with clear eyes, a jolt of energy and a full heart.

I had the usual freak out of "oh my goodness, network marketing! Isn't that a scam?" So I researched, and read, and listened to podcasts, and discovered it's the fastest growing movement in the world.

One podcast I listened too reframed everything in my mind. The amazing Grant Cardone (multi, multi millionaire), described it as we give recommendations for products and services ALL THE TIME to friends and family. Why do people feel so icky about it when it's a product they'll be paid for?


Think back for a moment… That cafe you recommended to your mum? And that movie you told your bestie about? That’s network marketing in action.

Now imagine if you got paid for making recommendations just like that, for products you already love and believe in.

To start a network marketing biz, you need two things: a company you believe in, and a product you love. As my followers on Sugar Free Mum know, I don't accept payment for any products I mention on my Page. I want to tell you about the things I LOVE, not what I'm being paid to say.

And I LOVE the Juice Plus brand as I LOVE their products. I know my personal experience that they work.

Imagine having a business that allowed you to stay home with the kids, or that meant your mum never had to worry about money again. This is the true gift of network marketing — you can set up income streams that allow you to “free” yourself and the people you love from financial struggle.

I've now teamed up with a fellow nutrition freak and awesome gal, Melanie Wheatley, and we created The Wellness Misfits. And we'd LOVE to have you on our team! We've created a unique business-in-a-box where we actually partner with you and work together. You're never on your own and you get to leverage off our experience and following online, as well as all of us linking arms to work together and create success.

Maybe you just want a side hustle - a little extra income to plan that Disneyland holiday or upgrade the car?

Jumping on board is PERFECT for you if...

  • Love collaboration and you're a people person

  • You want to build an extra income, your time, your wellbeing...

  • You’re a self-starter

  • You’re not afraid to be told ‘no’

  • You love health and wellbeing

  • You are coachable - we can only mentor you if you're open to being taught

If you want to know more and you desire the abundance that can help that to happen, let's chat.

I'd love to get you to your ideal life :)

Hop over to our business website and find out more, drop us an email and let's arrange a video conference. 

And to say thank you for your time, check out my Nailed It Blueprint - the steps you need for your own success x

If you're ready to create financial freedom, willing to do the work, you are coachable and ready to roll,


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