Luxe Bali spa experience for the whole family

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

When I came to Bali a few years ago, I noticed a lot of day spas and beauty treatment places. On this trip, there are many more that have popped up in the tourist areas. With so many places to pick from, it’s hard to decide which one to book into but as I'm travelling with mum and the kids, we chose somewhere that could cater to all of us.

Mum wanted a facial, my daughter wanted her hair braided, I wanted eyelash extensions and my little boy wanted free wifi to play Fortnight LOL.

We booked in at Aspya in Seminyak as they were able to accommodate all of our wishes, and the online reviews were fantastic.

Having a spa treatment is definitely one of the things to do in Bali. As a girly girl, I am all for the beauty treatments – facials, hair, pedicures, name it, I'm up for it.

So today we set off to Aspya and after a long hot walk and whinging kids in tow (my fault - I made them walk 30 minutes past the day spa as I wasn't concentrating on the map), it was heaven to walk into Aspya's air conditioning and be greeted by a gorgeous Australian and Balinese staff and icy cold water.

Chloe (12 years old) was ushered in for a hair wash which she LOVED. She was treated like a Princess. Mum suffers from a sore neck and vertigo, and cannot lay flat. The staff created a reclining pillow stack for her on the treatment bed so she was comfortable, and her facial experience began.

Isaac was whisked away and his foot massage commenced. As a nine year old kid, this was his very first treatment of any kind and he was in awe. His feet and legs were oiled, rubbed, hot stones applied, hot towels rubbed and all the while his little face was in delight.

I was popped onto the bed and my eyelash therapist went to work. She was so gentle and soothing I actually fell asleep for a whole hour - which is unheard of for me!

Mum's facial was an experience in itself. She was propped up on her bed of pillows and her therapist went to work. The staff member who looked after us suggested she have the Gold Crystal Collagen Facial. Mum's therapist was adorable, very professional and knowledgable.

She enjoyed a full luxurious facial, plus an arm and foot massage that was unexpected and one of the best mum has experienced. It was wonderful for the soul, therapeutic and her skin felt ah-mazing. Mum is raving it was one of the best facial experiences she's ever had...and she's had hundreds all over the world.

Chloe's braids were done to perfection. She chose corn rows and the hair stylist who did them was meticulous. Every bead was colour co-ordinated to Chloe's wishes and she was so thrilled with the end result. I can thoroughly recommend paying a little extra and having a professional create your child's braids. We've seen a few "on the beach" braids and they are VERY different in look and neatness than a professional treatment.

My eyelashes are perfection. I have had them done since filming The Single Wives, although lately due to busy-ness and life, I've neglected them. They're the perfect volume for me, not thick and fake, and she also gave me a consultation on my eyebrows which was wonderful.

Aspya is owned by Australian, Karen Ross, who has a huge following for her day spa in Brisbane and is now creating her magic in Bali. The staff are incredible - caring, knowledgeable and professional with warmth, and we felt so cared for by the team.

Aspya also have experienced hair stylists and whilst we were visiting, there were many women having their hair cut and coloured. A great sign these guys know what they're doing!

So if you are looking for a luxe spa experience in Bali with great prices and experienced staff, visit Aspya - you won't be disappointed.


+62 87866104845 +62 361732896

Jalan Drupadi 23 Seminyak Bali

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