New Years Detox - the good, the bad and the very ugly

The great detox debate - should we, shouldn't it healthy, is it not...

We've rounded up some shockers as well as some that make sense. Now, who's ready to try the baby food detox?!

The Baby Food Detox

A few years ago, we saw the creation of the baby food craze. Yes, pureed-food, just like a baby.

Apparently celebs such as Lady Gaga are rumoured to have swapped two meals a day with jars of baby food, plus a healthy dinner.


Made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow, Clean was created by cardiologist Dr Alejandro Junger. It's a 21-day detox that basically excludes inflammatory foods.

You take out alcohol, coffee, cheese, gluten, and sugar for three weeks and can only eat from the Clean Program's approved food list.

I do Clean several times a year and LOVE it. I actually have a really great result and feel ah-mazing at the end. Although I'm gagging for a red wine by day 21.

The Master Cleanse

Beyonce is apparently a fan of this cleanse, although it seems kinda crazy to us.

Each morning for one week, start with a laxative-like saltwater "flush", then, when hungry, drink up to 12 glasses a day of the famous "lemonade". This is a blend of fresh lemon juice, Canadian maple syrup, purified water, and cayenne pepper.


The Beauty Detox Solution

Fergie and Drew Barrymore are followers of this complex and strict green-plant-focused plan and no gluten or dairy.

based on the food-pairing rules of starch only with vegetables; protein never with starch; fruit on an empty stomach.

You will need to cut out coffee and the wines.


This is our fave SFM detox and can be done anytime. We even run a 10-day online support group for free. Yes FREE.

Simply replace breakfast with a morning protein shake, salad and protein for lunch, veges and protein for dinner. Ten days.

Add mild exercise daily, cut out coffee, dairy, gluten and alcohol, and you'll feel so so so good!

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